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Hello, I'm Julia and welcome to my personal website!

Julz.cafe 2.0 coming soon

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💗 Hello and welcome to my website :)💗

Treat yourself to a delicious coffee🍵 and enjoy your stay here! I hope your day has been nice so far 💗

And I'm gonna use this chance to introduce myself :) I am Julz, 22 year olds and I love playing videogames🎮, driving my motorcycle🏍 and doing drugs💊

I coded this website all by myself and the help of search engines. Feel free to contact me and tell me how shit/awesome it is UwU

Anyway, I dont know what to write, its the first time I'm doing smth like this ^^ More content coming SOON

You want to get to know me better, like really close and from the inside? >///< Click here and enjoy my most recent bloodwork! >///< Please don't share or download it :(

I also have a Discord server, where I will spend most of my online time in. Please join!!!!!!!!

This site uses 0 cookies and trackers by default and is still 99%functional. Traffic is NOT encrypted(by default), so dont submit any sensitive data on my website!

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