Welcome to Julz Cafe! :)

This is my own personal website, I hope you like it! I made it all by myself with html, css and js

If you are still reading and with me - great! I will introduce myself now:

My name is Julia or Julz, formerly Samusaranish. As of writing I am 23.2 years old. I'm currently employed by the government and I'm learning how to program in a special skewl :) I have autism, my special interest is drugs and pharmacology. I love reading about them, I love studying effects, interactions, how it actually works and I love doing them too.

I also like Vidya, high fat content pork meat, bread with cheese and ketchup and nutella with butter ;)

I DIY my hormone treatment, and plan to order RAWs to make my own gel, injections,

Also by default this website uses 0 cookies and 0 Trackers and is still 100% functional. Annoying cookie popups? Not with me😎

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(last updated: 17.01.2023)

My Drug count:


(last updated: 2022/12/02)

Fun Fact:

The average honeybee sleeps between 5 & 8 hours a day.


My stats:

Testosterone: <0.12μg/l

Estradiol: 147ng/l

Height: 184cm/~6feet

Weight: 75kg/165lbs

IQ: 128 😎😎😎

Diagnoses ICD-10: F11.1, F12.2, F13.1, F14.1, F15.2, F17.2, F19.2
F32.2, F84.5, U69.30, U69.32, F60.3, F64.0